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Tampereen slalomseuras' ski school serves you at Mustavuori ski resort in Tampere. Courses and private lessons can be booked from our online booking system. Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the ski school (below) and the product descriptions before booking.

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From basics to the top

Learning alpine skiing or snowboarding is started from the basics: you first get to know your equipment on even ground. Safe use of the ski lift, slope rules, and helping others on the slopes are key points in our primary education. Our primary goal is that after ski school our students are skillful and independent skiers or snowboarders who can safely manage themselves in the slopes or continue the hobby in coaching of Tampereen Slalomseura. 


In the correct order

At ski school skills and confidence are built in correct order for motoric development. Inspirational education, persistent training, diverse physical education and sufficient rest between training are the key factors to achieve enthusiasm for a sport, that hopefully lasts through the life.


Fun, but in a safe way!

At ski school the education takes place on the students terms. Our teaching methods are encouraging and lively. Ski school is all about having fun and the basic sports skills are developed at the same time!


NOTE!!: Please follow up to date COVID-19 instructions at ski resorts from

Slope safety:

Familiarize yourself and children with common instructions available at the ski resorts and at

Our teachers try to keep a safe distance and avoid close contacts to the students and use assisting accessories when teaching. When attending a group lesson (courses) you have to consider that there are also students from other families. The customer is liable to attend the lessons only 100 % healthy.

Information for the lesson:

Please be punctual when coming to a lesson. You are advised to reserve some extra time (20-30 minutes) before the lesson, because renting and fitting the equipment may take some time. The lessons are started punctually, and the students shall be at the ski school meeting point at the booked starting time. Our teachers meet the students outside the rental shop at the ski school meeting point. Please pick your child right after the lesson, if they aren’t accustomed to moving independently at the slope area. During the lessons our instructors focus on the instruction. It has been noted that children can focus better, when their parents aren’t at their sight. Therefore, parents can follow the lessons from the café for example.

Clothing and skiing equipment:

Please check your childrens’ clothing and skiing equipment before the lesson. Carefully check that the bindings of the skis are functional. Also check that the boots are the right size. Skiing helmet is mandatory. We recommend as thin as possible beanie or buff -scarf to be worn under the helmet. Please avoid long scarves and loose clothing that can catch to the ski lift. Please do not dress your child with slippery clothes (such as rain clothes), child sliding down the slope uncontrolled is a safety risk. Slippery gloves make the ski lift hard to use. Leather gloves give the best grip of the ski lift or rope lift. When dressed correctly, we can ski on every weather when the slopes are open, there are no temperature limits. Note that when renting equipment, please reserve enough time to do it before the lesson.

Medical conditions and non-attendances:

Please advice us if the student has allergies, asthma or some other medical condition, that needs to be considered during the lesson. If you cannot attend the lesson because of a medical condition, please present a medical certificate. We try our best to arrange a replacing lesson. If a cancellation is the only option, please refer to ski school terms and conditions (3.1. – 3.8.)

Other information:

Our instructors are happy to help you and give tips and advice before the lesson and after it, but they are also happy, if they are given the opportunity to focus on the instruction during the lesson(s). On the courses there is no possibility for a tailored private instruction, the child has to manage with the group. 

General terms and conditions for ski schools:

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